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Exclusive Quality Leads and Booked Appointments

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. A steady stream of exclusive, high-quality leads and qualified appointments is the cornerstone of a thriving home improvement business. Without a consistent flow of good leads, you won’t be bale to book the appointments needed to have predictable sales.

The good news is you probably already have enough website visitors to capture the additional leads and book the qualified appointments you want!

All you need is a little bit of help to do it, but…

Too often, when lead flow is too low the “solution” many contractor’s come up with is to sign up with one of the big-name lead brokers to fill the holes. Unfortunately, instead of getting the high-quality leads needed to generate new sales, they get expensive, crappy, shared leads that rarely even turn into appointments.

And when they do happen to get an appointment, they end up in a race-to-the-bottom bidding war, lucky to make any money on the project they “win”.

That’s a huge waste of time and money, it doesn’t predictably grow sales, and may actually harm the long-term prospects of the business, so we developed a couple of solutions that actually fix the problem.

We have two performance-based services that deliver high-quality, exclusive leads — without breaking the bank — so you can put an end to inconsistent, low-quality lead generation and an open calendar once and for all.

One solution works with your website by getting more from your existing visitor traffic. The other works independent of your website and delivers high-quality leads that you order from us.

Let’s stop wasting money on things that you hope will finally work. Pay for results, not promises!

HQ Lead System

Get at least 67% more, high-quality leads — exclusive to you — and book 3x-5x more qualified appointments in under 30 days… from the visitors your website already has.

With this performance-based service that we built around the LeadGen Configurator, you will quickly generate new leads & book qualified estimates without any additional advertising.

Same traffic…better results.

Lead Delivery Network

Our pay-per-lead service delivers high-quality, verified, exclusive leads directly to you. You select the criteria for your leads, place your order, and we go get them for you.

With no set up fee and a low order minimum, you have complete control over how much you spend to get your leads.

And there’s no monthly commitment, so you can even use it only when you need more high-quality leads.

TIP: Use both to get maximum results!

The LeadGen Configurator to get more & better leads and appointments from the website visitors you already have and PureLeads to fill in any holes that might pop up during the month or add to the leads you have.

Quality is More Important Than Quantity

MORE LEADS would be good, right? Would BETTER LEADS actually be more helpful? 

If you get the same number of leads, but they are better, how would just improving lead quality improve your business?

What if you could get both (more and better leads)? 

By working with DMS Gigital Solutions you will get more leads and they will be superior to the leads you currently get.  

Of course, getting high-quality leads is great, but what makes your sales predictable is consistently scheduling appointments with qualified homeowners.  

You’ll get 3x-5x more of those, too.  

Qualified Appointments are the best appointments.

  • Say “Yes” more often.
  • Save you time
  • Fill your production schedule. 
  • Make sales more predictable

Are We a Good Fit?

The home improvement market is very competitive, so you’re constantly spending time, money, and effort to attract high-quality homeowners with good projects and the budget to afford your services so you can put more jobs on your production schedule. Our performance-based services will help you get them…without wasting your money.

But, there are some important questions to consider…

  • Do you even want more leads?
  • Are you already getting enough great leads from your advertising efforts? 
  • Would you like to spend your time meeting only with homeowners who can afford you?
  • Do you feel you should be getting better results than you currently are?
  • Do you want to schedule more jobs?
  • Can you handle more jobs?

No matter the results you are currently getting, they can always be better. 

Would improving your current results – and getting more sales from what you’re already doing – be good for your business? 

Of course it would! And you are in the right place to make it happen. 

Schedule a call with us and let’s have a quick chat to learn more about each other.

The Lead Delivery Network and the LeadGen Configurator…the Keys to Exclusive, High Quality Leads

DMS Gigital Solutions is not your typical marketing agency. We are The Superior Leads Co. and want to earn our place as your go-to source for qualified, exclusive leads. Our PureLeads service is the fastest, easiest, safest, and most cost-effective way to get the high-quality, exclusive leads needed to book estimates with homeowners who are ready to say “yes”. Our SuperiorLeads System uses your existing visitor traffic and the LeadGen Configurator to create the most effective & profitable lead generation process your business can have. Clicks and rankings are “nice to have”. But what makes a real difference in your business is scheduling more estimates with qualified homeowners. The Configurator gets that for you. Add in targeted traffic and a solid follow-up process to make it even easier and more effective so your business can be even more profitable.

Our Tools

LeadGen Configurator

Your hub for Exclusive, Qualified Leads Give homeowners the piece of information that they always want, but can NEVER find and they will contact you to get an official quote for the job. The best part...your Configurator makes them qualify themselves BEFORE asking to get on your calendar.


If just getting high-quality, exclusive leads is all you want, our PureLeads service is what you need. You set the criteria for a high-quality lead and we deliver them directly to you. No sharing or re-selling. You have complete control over how much you spend by telling us just how many you want.

AI Database Reactivation

You may eventually want even more leads, at that point you'll need more traffic. An actively-managed paid ads campaign attracts homeowners who need your services, but are currently finding your competitors. Paid Ads + LeadGen Configurator = Unbeatable

New Lead Follow Up

Not every lead is ready to schedule an appointment right away. To get new leads booked for an appointment requires effective, consistent follow up that pre-sells your services. Let us help you book more qualified appointments.