LeadGen Configurator

Use Your Existing Traffic, Paid or Organic, to Get the Highest Quality Leads and Booked Appointments

The Highest Quality Leads

Our LeadGen Configurator System uses your existing visitor traffic to create the most effective & profitable lead generation process your business can have.

To really ramp things up, combine the LeadGen Configurator with an Ad Manager in a paid ad campaign to targeted traffic, which we will manage for you.

The LeadGen Configurator is the perfect tool for Home Improvement Businesses that:

  • Are looking for a way to get more leads from the website traffic they already have
  • Have noticed that the leads they currently get are “just ok” and they want better leads
  • Feel they are wasting too much time meeting with homeowners who cannot afford their services
  • Want an effective way to get more & better leads and qualify their appointments so they can grow sales more predictably

Your Hub for Exclusive, Qualified Leads and Booked Appointments

Give homeowners the one piece of information they always want, but can rarely ever find. As a result, they will contact you to get an official quote for the job.

The best part…your Configurator qualifies them BEFORE asking to get on your calendar.

                     Why Get a LeadGen Configurator?

Because you want more appointments, but up to 98% of your visitors are leaving without even becoming a lead first. 

It’s true. Most website visitors leave without contacting you first because at least some of the information they want to find on your website is missing. When they can’t find it, they leave to look for it on a competitor’s website. 

And it turns out that there is one piece of information that homeowners always want, but can never find…a rough – but realistic – idea of the cost for their project 

Will they find that on your website? Probably not. 

But if they could, you would start attracting far more leads than you do today! 

Providing this information is the secret to turning your visitors into a lot more leads. And now there’s an easy way to give to them.

That’s why you need a Configurator.

The Configurator is an interactive tool, custom-built for your business, that makes it easy to give your visitors a ballpark price range for their job. To get it, all they have to do is spend about 2 minutes answering some easy questions about their project. 

Give them what they want (ballpark cost) and you will get what you want (more leads).

NOTE: The Configutrator gives them a rough cost range, not an official price/quote. You still go see the project in person to quote the job.

Why do they want an idea of the cost? 

So they can figure out what to do next without running the risk of meeting with any overly-aggressive salesman.

  • If the cost is beyond their budget, they won’t book an estimate. You avoided wasting time with a bad lead.
  • If it fits in their budget, they will want an official, in-person estimate from you. You just booked a qualified appointment!

If a homeowner already has a good idea of how much the project will cost and still schedules an estimate with you…can you give yourself a better sales opportunity than that? 

The Configurator makes your lead generation & estimate booking efforts easier & more profitable…using the visitors you already have, no matter how you get them. 

The key is having traffic. As long as you have visitors, the Configurator will work for you.


  • More LeadsUses your existing visitor traffic. More from what you have
  • More AppointmentsBetter leads means more sales opportunities
  • More SalesQualified homeowners say “Yes” more often
  • More TimeNo more tire kickers, window shoppers, or sticker shock
  • Exclusive LeadsHomeowners coming directly to you/your website
  • Superior LeadsYou cannot get better leads anywhere else
  • Qualified AppointmentsHomeowners who know they can afford your services

                            WHERE CAN YOUR CONFIGURATOR BE USED?

  • Your Website
  • Your Google My Business Profile
  • Social Media Sites
  • In Emails
  • Business Cards
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Ads
  • Flyers
  • Online Ads
  • Yard Signs

                     Stop Buying Crappy, Shared Leads

  Start Getting Qualified Leads…Directly From Your Website

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