Lead Delivery Network

Get Exclusive (Not Shared) High Quality Leads Delivered to Your Inbox

Stop Buying Shared Leads

Our Lead Delivery Network is the fastest, easiest, safest, and most cost effective way to get the high-quality, exclusive leads needed to book meetings with prospects that are ready to say “yes”.

If getting a consistent stream of high-quality, exclusive leads is  you want, our Leads Delivery Network is what you need. You set the criteria for a high-quality lead and we deliver them directly to you. No crappy shared leads! You have complete control over your budget and when you receive your leads.

You may have used something similar in the past, but we added a special twist to make it the best version of this kind of service!

You select the criteria for a high-quality lead and we deliver leads that meet your requirements. Tell us how many you want to order (20-1,000 per order), checkout, and we get to work to get the leads and deliver them directly to you

Now, you can get high-quality, exclusive leads continuously -or- just when you need them. With no set up fee, it’s easy to get started so you can get high-quality leads quickly, which gets you to sales more quickly.

There’s no monthly commitment, so use it as often, or as little, as you like.

The Lead Delivery Network Solves These Problems:

  • NO Paid Ads to Run
  • NO Shared Leads
  • NO Wondering “How Many Leads Will I Get?”
  • NO Wondering About Lead Quality
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Waiting Weeks or Months to Get Results
  • NO Wondering if You’re Wasting Money

This is a pre-paid service. You place an order for the number of leads you want and then pay for them (50% to start, 50% when ⅓ are delivered). We then go out and get leads that fit your criteria and send them to you. You take it from there.

Once your order is filled, you can place another order if you want more leads. Or you can sign up for auto-billing to keep leads coming without interruption. 

This isn’t a monthly subscription, so there’s no issue of being re-billed while a previous order is still open.

The Simple Process for Quality Exclusive Leads

Sign Up for Your Free Accoint

Define Your Requirements for Leads

Designate Where You Want the Leads to Go

Place Your Order

Rinse and Repeat or Set Up for Consistent Lead Flow

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