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Capture The Highest-Quality, Exclusive Leads And Book Qualified Appointments
From The Visitors You Already Have!

About The Demo

Wondering about the Configurator, how it works, and how it’s able to turn more of your visitors into the highest-quality leads and qualified appointments?

It starts with this…your visitors want an important piece of information, but they aren’t finding it. The Configurator gives it to them, quickly and easily.

With that information in hand they are able to determine their next step. And you benefit no matter what they decide to do next!

Below is a very fast run-through of a roofing Configurator (it usually takes 2-3 minutes for a homeowner to go through it, not 54 seconds).


NOTE: there is sound in this video, so make sure your volume level is ready for it.  

Our Tools

We do not offer all of the marketing services you could ever want. We specialize in delivering high-quality, exclusive leads and qualified appointments.

Our philosophy is:

1. Get as much as you can from whatever traffic you are already getting to your website.

2. When you are ready for more, we’ll send highly-targeted traffic to your website…homeowners in your target area who need your services and want your help.

3. If you just want to buy exclusive leads, we can do that, too.

LeadGen Configurator

Your hub for Exclusive, Qualified Leads Give homeowners the piece of information that they always want, but can NEVER find and they will contact you to get an official quote for the job. The best part...your Configurator makes them qualify themselves BEFORE asking to get on your calendar.


If just getting high-quality, exclusive leads is all you want, our PureLeads service is what you need. You set the criteria for a high-quality lead and we deliver them directly to you. No sharing or re-selling. You have complete control over how much you spend by telling us just how many you want.

Paid Ads Management

You may eventually want even more leads, at that point you'll need more traffic. An actively-managed paid ads campaign attracts homeowners who need your services, but are currently finding your competitors. Paid Ads + LeadGen Configurator = Unbeatable

New Lead Follow Up

Not every lead is ready to schedule an appointment right away. To get new leads booked for an appointment requires effective, consistent follow up that pre-sells your services. Let us help you book more qualified appointments.

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