AI Database Reactivation and Speed-to-Lead

Unlock the Revenue Hiding in Your Database of Past Clients and Old Leads

Re-Engage Your Past Customers & Leads

Businesses that have been in business for a while usually have a gold mine at their fingertips that they aren’t aware of – their database of old leads and past prospects! With the help of AI, we can get your old leads and prospects re-engaged with your business, creating new opportunities and sales seemingly from thin air.

Incredible things are happening with AI. We’ve developed a method to use AI/ChatGPT to reach out to your databse of past customers and old leads, re-engage them, qualify them, and then when they are a viable prospect bagain, forward them on to whoever you want us to forward them to – you or your sales team, to create new sales and revenue you didn’t even know was possible.

To demo this service to you we just jump on a short Zoom call and show you what’s possible when you interact with it. It will blow you away!

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